DevOps.. What is it? Why should I care? And how will Arkahna help me?

Security, speed, agility and reduced time-to-market are becoming increasingly important in today’s ever evolving technology driven world.

DevOps is system of best practices that enable substantially faster, more efficient, and more agile delivery of secure, high-quality software.

DevOps is about building a culture that is collaborative and outcome focussed rather than process driven while also placing emphasis on personal responsibility.

It involves getting key stakeholders from across the business working together more effectively. This is combined with best-in-class release and infrastructure automation, which speeds up delivery and focuses everyone on shared outcomes.


When DevOps is successfully adopted within an organisation, teams are empowered to deliver better outcomes, giving them an enhanced ability to beat the competition, get to market faster and innovate much more effectively.

Adopting DevOps is a complex proposition which requires significant investment in technology, tooling, and automation, but also people and cultural change. Arkahna takes a people centric approach to DevOps adoption with a focus on Ways of Working and modern teaming processes.

Arkahna combines this with strong tooling partnerships with GitHub, Microsoft, Atlassian and Hashicorp.

GitHub Elements - Arkahna’s approach to DevOps with GitHub

Arkahna believes in taking a structured, repeatable, and consistent approach to adopting GitHub in your DevOps lifecycle.

Using GitHub and Azure together allows you to deliver software faster and more securely by combining the practices and tools that have supported the growth of the largest developer community in the world with integrated Azure products and GitHub services.

Regardless of where you are at in your GitHub journey, from assessing GitHub’s suitability to being ready to deploy or migrate to GitHub. Your organisation may already use GitHub and you want to review and improve how you are using it. Arkahna’s GitHub Elements approach is the place to start.

With Arkahna’s GitHub Elements we provide customers with a baseline GitHub environment tailored to suit their needs while applying DevOps best practices to get them up and running quickly, maximizing the value of GitHub features. Think of it as a guided tour of all the features of GitHub and recommendations on how to configure them. It works with the official GitHub documentation rather than trying to be a replacement for it at all.

We start with Suitability Workshops, Demos and Planning Workshops with the end to goal to achieve the following.

  • Help you create your Enterprise in GitHub
  • Configure GitHub Enterprise settings and policies to meet your company requirements
    • Including GitHub teams, branch policies, naming standards and other settings
  • Create documentation specific to your company for
    • User onboarding/off-boarding
    • Repository creation and management
    • Collaboration and development practices
  • Share GitHub Actions for automation tasks
  • Deploy your first organisation and repo as an example of best practice

Are you thinking of migrating to GitHub?

Reach out today and discuss how Arkahna can start you on your DevOps journey and the path to delivering secure innovation!